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Reforms meant to strongly promote investments at the same time protect natural resources in Tanzania .

The Executive Director of Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) Geoffrey Mwambe was among the delegates to China to attend the Tanzania-China Mining Business and Investment Forum which took place in Beijing, on 10th December, 2018. Led by the Minister for Minerals Hon. Angellah Kairuki, the team from Tanzania comprised of about 80 delegates from the government and private sector.


Press conference was one of the key activities during the forum aiming at informing the World on Tanzanians’ economy, investment climate, opportunities and the readiness of the government to work with foreign investors worldwide. The press conference also focused on clarifying various issues which were wrongly reported by some of Western media particularly towards the recent decision by the Tanzanian Government to undertake policy and legal reforms in mining sector.


Speakers in the press conference were led by Hon. Kairuki, others were Prof. Simon Msanjila, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Minerals; Hon. Mbelwa Kairuki, Ambassador of Tanzania to China; Mr. Geoffrey Mwambe, Executive Director of Tanzania Investment Centre  and Prof. Shukran Manya, Chief Executive Officer of Mineral Commission.


The press brought in about 40 journalists from Tanzania, China and representatives of the International media houses present in China. More than 20 questions were asked by the journalists most of them focusing on different topics including Tanzania economy, Chinese investments in Tanzania, incentives provided to investors, environmental conservation and aspects of the reviewed mining Act and new legislation.  The speakers clarified on all issues raised by journalists which enabled them to note that the policy reforms in Tanzania meant to strongly promote investments at the same time protect natural resources.


The press event was well covered in China and outside, where more than 30 journalists reported the event in Chinese and few in English languages.  Similarly, the forum was widely reported in Tanzania by different media houses including television channels, newspaper as well as social media channel.

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