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National Investment Facilitation Committee (NIFC) agrees on use of single form .

13thNovember 2018: On its 5th meeting, the National Investment Facilitation Committee (NIFC) has unanimously agreed introduction of an online single form, which will greatly slash time used by investors to fill over 27 forms, with almost similar information from various Ministries and Agencies.

The Single Form will capture basic information like personal details of an investor, which are usually asked in every institution’s form. Technicians from the NIFC institutions will work together to design the form and report back to NIFC next month for approval.

NIFC also resolved to expedite ways of integrating online systems, from government institutions responsible for facilitating investors, in order to reduce time, cost and inconveniences that investors may face in the process of starting businesses.

The Meeting which was chaired and held at Tanzania Investment Centre also agreed to devise a strategy that would help implementation of the recommendations highlighted by the National Blue Print.

The committee took note that all members should work towards supporting and facilitating investors and avoid being a stumbling block because the country benefits a lot from the presence of investors in terms of jobs, technology transfer and taxes.

Members of the committee comprises of all CEO of the public institutions that support business such as BRELA, TRA, NEMC, Labour Department, Immigration Department, Land Department, TANESCO, OSHA, TBS, TFDA,POLICE,TPDC,EWURA, ACG and WMA.

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